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While most people call this kind of dentistry “general” we don’t think it should be general at all. We schedule your cleanings and checkups to meet your specific health needs, create a plan for your desired health, and treat you with our preventive care according to the plan we create together. It all starts with our comprehensive exams and taking time to get to know you personally. Patients are always surprised at how relaxing it is to know just how we will reach their smile goals — together.

Hickory Dental Comprehensive Exams

At these exams, we take digital x-rays, if you need them, and check out your mouth with our intraoral camera so we can show you what’s going on in your mouth. We always check you for oral cancer and examine your gums for periodontal disease. Many patients tell us they have never had such a through exam before!

Hickroy Oral Cancer Screening

We screen for oral cancer at every single visit. Why? Oral cancer accounts for about 2% of cancers in women and 3% of cancers in men. According to the American Cancer Society, it is one of the few cancers for which the death rate has actually increased. It is particularly dangerous because patients may not notice it in its earliest stages and the cancer prospers without producing discomfort or symptoms. The good news is that when it is caught in its early stages, oral cancer can be treated in up to 90% of cases.

Hickory Dental X-Rays

We use both digital x-rays and panoramic x-rays to get the most complete view of your mouth, jaw, and neck.

Digital x-rays are great for so many reasons. Not only do they limit your exposure to radiation – using 75% less radiation than conventional x-rays – they are clearer, easier to read and share with you, and they can be kept in your electronic files for easy comparison visit to visit!

Our panoramic x-ray machine stays outside of your mouth and moves around your head in a half-circle, taking an image of your entire oral cavity. And while it’s true that panoramic x-rays won’t give us quite as clear a diagnostic image as the digital x-ray,but it does provide a terrific overview of your entire mouth letting us check the position of your wisdom teeth, look for sinus issues, bone density, and even abscesses.

Hickroy Dental Hygiene Treatment

We just can’t say it enough: Keeping your teeth and gums clean and free of plaque bacteria, tartar, and other buildup is the first step toward great oral health. That’s why we recommend regular cleanings to our patients of all ages. During these visits our hygienist will not only evaluate the health of your gums, teeth, and mouth, she will get your teeth absolutely sparkling clean and fresh! To keep cleanings super comfortable, we use ultrasonic scalers, hand-held devices that use sound waves to clean and polish teeth, and remove stains, plaque, and even hardened tartar!

Periodontal Therapy

The health of your body is directly linked to the health of your gums. That’s why we offer the most effective preventive products like Perio Science, and the most advanced treatments like Arestin, to get your gums back to perfect, body-safe health.

Hickory Flouride Treatment

Some people think fluoride is just for kids, or that they get enough of it to protect their teeth in their drinking water. Not so fast. While fluoride is very important for the protection of young teeth, adults can use a fluoride treatment now and again too! It helps decrease sensitivity and stop decay at the gum line. We’ll recommend the necessary treatment for adults on a case-by-case basis, but for kids under 16, we recommend it at every single visit. And for home use, we recommend Clinpro, a prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste that helps to protect your teeth against decay and sensitivity daily!

Hickory Mouthguards Services

Your teeth are one of your biggest assets – and sometimes, your biggest investment. Protect them with a mouthguard! Whether you need a custom-made sportsguard for your active kids, or a nightguard to stop nighttime clenching and grinding from ruining your precious restorations, we have you covered. Well, your teeth anyway. Literally.

Hickory Dental Technology

We do love our toys…and so will you! Why’s that you ask? Because our high-tech dental “toys” make every visit you have at here Covington Dental easier and more comfortable than you ever thought possible. Plus, they help make treatment more customized, just for you! Both kids and adults love to take a tour of their mouths with the help of our intraoral camera. And our diode soft tissue laser can do a frenectomy in the blink of an eye!