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No matter how well you take care of your teeth, time and life can get a little rough on them. Maybe you clench your teeth when you are stressed and now you need a chip fixed. Maybe you have some dental phobias and you’ve let a few cavities develop. Or maybe you have an infected tooth and a tooth ache is driving you absolutely nuts. Don’t worry. We can help. And do it without judgement or lectures. We’re here to get you healthy, not make you feel worse than you already do!

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Hickory Dental Fillings

Teeth are prone to decay, especially if you skip cleanings, drink lots of acidic beverages, or have deep groves. If you do get a cavity, don’t worry, we can fix you right up. Depending on the location and size of the cavity, we will usually use a tooth-colored resin to fill it. If that isn’t the best choice, we can use an amalgam for strength and durability. In no time, you’ll be eating and chewing as if nothing happened!

Hickory Partials & Full Dentures

Like a bridge, a partial or denture is a good tooth replacement solution for anyone who is missing teeth and can’t qualify for, or doesn’t want, an implant. We design every prosthetic device so it not only replaces your teeth, it helps you stay healthier and more comfortable, too. And because we think feeling attractive is important for everyone, our dentures look fantastic too.

Dental Crown & Bridges Treatment

Crowns and bridges are terrific options for people who have damaged or lost one or more teeth and aren’t candidates for implants. Most of the time we create our crowns out of beautiful, lifelike ceramic or premium zirconium, but if you need a little extra support, we sometimes make them from porcelain that has been fused to metal. Crowns can be used in a number of ways: To cover and protect a damaged tooth or a tooth that has had a root canal, or to hold a fixed bridge in place.

A bridge consists of a porcelain tooth that is anchored by a crown bonded to the healthy teeth on either side. That’s where the name came from!

Of course we custom create every restoration to perfectly fit you and your smile so you can get back to feeling confident and living fully as soon as possible.


Implants are our very best tooth replacement option because they replace more than just teeth, they replace roots too! That means that you can eat more normally, brush and floss as usual, and flash your smile at any camera that points your way with total abandon.

For more information, read our Implant Dentistry page.

Root Canals

We have heard you talking. You think root canals (endodontic therapies) are something dreadful and you hope you never have one. Well, we’d like to take a minute and put the record straight.

Root canals stop the pain – they don’t cause it!

In fact, they not only stop the pain of an infected tooth, giving most patients an instant moment of apprehension, they save your tooth as well. You see, if a tooth becomes too badly infected, so infected that it moves beyond your tooth roots and into the jaw bone, you could get really sick. To prevent this, teeth are sometimes simply pulled to rid the mouth of infection. We take a step in between to save your tooth and stop the spread of infection. Now that’s actually something to talk about.

If one of your molars is infected, we will refer you to one of our partner specialists. Trust us. A tooth infection is nothing to mess with and we want you to be taken care of by the best when you are in pain.

Oral Surgery

When you rely on Covington Dental for your care, even oral surgery can be a piece of cake. We handle most oral surgery, such as extractions, so you can stay completely at ease before, during, and after your procedure. Isn’t knowing you are with friends comforting? And if you are a candidate and you want us too, we can even start planning your implant replacement as soon as your own tooth has been removed.