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We have heard you talking. You think root canals (endodontic therapies) are something dreadful and you hope you never have one. Well, we’d like to take a minute and put the record straight.

Root canals stop the pain – they don’t cause it!

In fact, they not only stop the pain of an infected tooth, giving most patients an instant moment of apprehension, they save your tooth as well. You see, if a tooth becomes too badly infected, so infected that it moves beyond your tooth roots and into the jaw bone, you could get really sick. To prevent this, teeth are sometimes simply pulled to rid the mouth of infection. We take a step in between to save your tooth and stop the spread of infection. Now that’s actually something to talk about.

If one of your molars is infected, we will refer you to one of our partner specialists. Trust us. A tooth infection is nothing to mess with and we want you to be taken care of by the best when you are in pain.